Sunday, 20 May 2012

Best browser for hackers with built in features for hackers- OWASP Mantra Browser Security Framework for penetration testers

Mantra Browser is a most Recomended Browser for hackers and penetration includes security framework which can be very useful to scan various web servers or websites for different attacks like sql injection and XSS attacks.

OWASP Mantra is such an innovative product, a security framework built on top of a browser. Its cross platform, portable and can run out of the box.You can take it with you where ever you go in absolutely any rewritable media including memory cards, flash drives and portable hard disks. More over, Mantra Browser can be used for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks which makes it incredible.
Mantra browser Developed on the firefox which is open source software by mozilla with a security framework.Developers Of mantra security toolkit Also Providing various Tools or addons which can be installed directly in the mantra browser.These Tools can help hackers or penetration testers to undego some work.
Mantra Browser Is Available For different Platforms -windows,linux32,linux64,macintosh.

Tools or Addons Available For Mantra Browser
 OWASP Mantra is a powerful set of tools to make the attacker's task easier. The beta version of Mantra Security Toolkit contains following tools built onto it. Moreover Mantra follows the guidelines and structure of FireCAT which makes it even more accessible. You can also always suggest any tools/ scripts that you would like see in the next release

1. Information Gathering Tools
3.Network Utilities
4.Application Auditing

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